Tower Crane Safety System

RC-FS08 Anemometer Wind Speed Indicator

The wind speed Indicator is designed with RS485, 4-20mA, DC0-5V and other output methods. It is a sensor specially used to monitor wind speed. The indicator can continuously monitor the wind speed, and convert the wind speed into RS485, 4-20mA or DC0-5V and other signals and transmit them to the related equipment at the same time .

RC-15 Cantilever Load Sensor

High precision, good sealing, low height, wide range, easy to install. Suitable for electronic scales, hopper scales, platform scales, etc.

Ground Monitoring System

The ground monitoring system enables ground staffs to view real-time data and anti-collision conditions of tower crane in the office. The ground monitoring system comprises a hardware (ground monitoring control box, antenna, 232 to USB conversion cable, power cable) and a software system.

RC-SP Hook Monitoring Camera System

The camera provide crane operators with visible monitoring and increased productivity. Improves worker safety when lifting and lowering.

RC-A11-II Tower Crane Anti-Collision, Zone Protection System, Load Moment

Make sure safety by managing interference between cranes and obstacle zones and proper loading. It displaying all the useful settings to show the crane working status. Easy for installation and reliability make it the multipurpose anti-collision system . This system is suitable for all types and brands of cranes in order to manage easily large construction sites.

RC-SP-TA Hook Camera System For Tower Crane

RC-SP-TA is specially used for tower crane real-time tracking hook by video device under working. In order to prevent the hazard in the operation of the hook,avoid blind zone.meanwhile be equipped with remote monitor and management functions.

Absolute Encoder Slewing Sensor For Tower Crane Anti-Collision System

Profile: * Absolute Digital Code Wheel. * EasyPro Software setting, multi-purpose, multi-function, directly corresponding to single-turn multi-turn angle, multi-turn length measurement. *Direction setting; preset position is set by external setting line, easy installation, no need to change. * Internal absolute value dial, full digital value, 1/4096FS High linearity, no temperature and mechanical effects on the signal, and minimal signal interference zero drift Consumption current

Wholesale Price China Crane Load Moment Indicator System

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