Load Moment Indicator

RC-105 Safe Load Indicator For Mobile Crane

The Safe Load Indicator (SLI) system has been designed to provide the essential information required to operate the machine within its design parameters. It Applied to the safety protection device for boom type hoisting machinery.

RC-WJ01 Safe Load Indicator For Excavator

LMI excavator is a safety device. The weight, height, and radius can be displayed in real time. Prevent accidents caused by overloading of excavators.

RC-200 Safe Load Indicator For Crawler Crane

The SLI is only an operational aid that warns a crane operator of approaching overload conditions which could cause damage to equipment and personnel. The device is not, and shall not, be a substitute for good operator judgment, experience and use of accepted safe crane operating procedures.

RC-SP Hook Monitoring Camera System

The camera provide crane operators with visible monitoring and increased productivity. Improves worker safety when lifting and lowering.


RC-DG01 is applied to the safety protection device of Pipelayer. It can prevent the Pipelayer from overloading and operation errors, so that the safe use of the crane can be standardized and scientific. This product adopts new electronic devices, and various performances have been greatly improved. In the display, the display technology of full LCD color dot matrix (Graphic Chinese character) is adopted, and the full English character display interface is adopted.
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